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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning FAQs

Are you a new business owner who’s never had to deal with commercial HVAC systems before? Or perhaps you’re an experienced business owner with little experience with commercial air duct cleaning. Whatever the case is, today’s blog at Capitol Duct Cleaning in Olympia is all about answering some of our most common questions to help you feel more knowledgeable and comfortable with commercial duct cleaning services! Keep reading to learn more and, when you’re ready, reach out to us to start your commercial duct cleaning services.

How Often Do I Really Need Commercial Duct Cleaning Service?

How often your individual business will need commercial air duct cleaning depends on a few factors like the area you are in, how many people are in your buildings, if there are pets in your building, and more. If we had to throw a ballpark number out there, we’d say about every three to five years makes sense for many businesses. But you can rest assured that if you contact Capitol Duct Cleaning for commercial air duct cleaning services we will never perform any unnecessary services. If your ducts are good, we’ll be on our way!

How Long Does Commercial Duct Cleaning Take?

With each and every commercial property being so different and unique, it’s difficult to provide an average service time. A larger, more expansive commercial building will certainly take much longer than a smaller building with fewer rooms. The good news is we’d be happy to provide you with a time estimate! Contact us today to talk to a commercial air duct cleaning specialist.

How Do Your Services Clean the Air Ducts?

Our commercial air duct cleaning services utilize a method known as Source Removal. In essence, Source Removal is an extremely powerful, specialized vacuum cleaner that creates negative pressure in your system. This specialized commercial air duct vacuum clears out the majority of the dirt, debris, and other contaminants. Afterward, we go in with a special tool for more stubborn spots of your air ducts.

What Does Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Cost?

With every property and business being unique, we like to customize our services to your specific structure. Because of this, prices can vary widely from business to business. Similar to the “how long does it take” FAQ, you can reach out to our team at Capitol Duct Cleaning in Olympia and we’d be happy to provide you a custom quote.

Signs It's Time for Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

What Set Capitol Duct Cleaning Apart?

At Capitol Duct Cleaning, we’re passionate about what we do. Because of this, we go the extra mile when it comes to our commercial air duct cleaning services. We’ll be sure to show you your ducts before and after to make sure you can see the results for yourself. Additionally, for added peace of mind, we are licensed and insured, are in good standing with the NADCA, are veteran-owned and operated, offer a satisfaction guarantee, and have a variety of glowing reviews across multiple platforms! If you’d like to learn more about why you should choose Capitol Duct Cleaning in Olympia for your commercial duct cleaning services or are ready to schedule your service, reach out to us today.