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Spring Cleaning Tips From Capitol Duct Cleaning

Can you believe that it’s already officially spring? Us either! For our team at Capitol Duct Cleaning in Olympia, the first thing that comes to mind in spring is spring cleaning! We can emerge after a long winter, open up the windows, air out the house, and get the house looking spick and span! In today’s blog, our air duct cleaners provide you with a few tips for your spring cleaning this year. Keep reading to learn more and if you are interested in professional air duct cleaning as a part of your spring cleaning experience, reach out to Capitol Duct Cleaning in Olympia now!

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Air Duct Cleaning

With us being an air duct cleaning company and all, you had to see this one coming. Biases aside, air duct cleaning really is a great way to cap off your spring cleaning. Once everything in the house is spotless, clean, and fresh, ending your spring cleaning with professional air duct cleaning for your home really helps you get the most out of your clean home. After all, if your home is clean but your air ducts are dirty, your home will smell musty and your air quality will be poorer regardless of how clean the house itself is!

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Most homeowners don’t think to clean out the dryer vent. This tip isn’t only good for you cleaning nuts out there, it’s also a safety tip. If you rarely or never have dryer vent cleaning done, you are much more prone to mold build-up, bacteria build-up, and even house fires. It’s also worth mentioning that good ol’ fashion dryer vent cleaning will also help your dryer perform better/use less energy.


Dusting may already be a part of your regular cleaning routine, but most people don’t dust everything, just the most common areas. Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to dust your house from head to toe. This includes behind the TV, on top of the kitchen cabinets, on top of the fridge, window sills, ceiling fans, and more! If dusting isn’t already a part of your routine, what better time to get some dusting done than spring cleaning?


The weather starts to get nice and warm in the spring. You can take advantage of this by lining up some trips to the dump or local donations establishment. Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity for you to get rid of clothes, toys, furniture, and other household items that are just taking up space. If they are too old for anyone else to love, then the dump or trash can may be the best new home for them. However, if there is still good life in the clutter you are removing, consider donating items to your local Good Will or Salvation Army!

Odds and Ends

If you’re like us at Capitol Duct Cleaning in Olympia, you probably have areas and items you clean regularly and some you don’t. Spring cleaning is a time for deep cleaning those odds and ends places that you normally don’t get to with your normal routine. This can be behind the fridge, the spare room, the garage, or anywhere else that you don’t normally get to in a normal cleaning run.

Capitol Duct Cleaning in Olympia

While spring cleaning isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, it’s always worth it in the end when you are left with a sparkling clean home! Thanks for checking out today’s blog at Capitol Duct Cleaning in Olympia. Be sure to reach out to us when you are looking to end your spring cleaning with professional air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning services!