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At Capitol Duct Cleaning in Olympia, we offer quality air duct cleaning services to numerous businesses throughout Washington! These business owners see the value and our air duct cleaning services bring and continue to utilize our team time and time again. Commercial air duct cleaning removed harmful contaminants, debris, dust, and other materials from your HVAC system. These substances can build up in the ductwork of your business over time — especially for businesses that see heavy foot traffic from employees and customers. Air duct cleaning allows your HVAC system to operate at maximum efficiency, which in turn saves you money, reduces your footprint, and increases the indoor air quality of your business! Keep reading to learn more or contact us today at (360) 352-4693 to start with your quote.

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What Are Some of the Major Benefits Business Owners See From Our Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Services?

  • Prolonged equipment lifespan of the HVAC system

  • Improved indoor air quality

  • A friendlier atmosphere for those with asthma and allergies

  • Greatly reducing the opportunity for mold growth within your ductwork

  • A fresher, easier-to-breathe-in atmosphere

  • Reduced energy costs and carbon footprint

Why Choose Capitol Duct Cleaning For Your Commercial Duct Cleaning Services?

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Veteran-Owned and Operated

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True-Satisfaction Guarantee

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Unbeatable Customer Service

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Competitive Pricing

Why Choose Commercial Air Duct Cleaning?

There are plenty of great reasons business owners choose to have professional air duct cleaning done. Most commonly, though, they choose to trust commercial air duct cleaning services because air ducts are not an area that they can easily clean themselves. Like anything in your business, if it’s left uncleaned for long enough, grime can build up over time. Some businesses choose to try and clean their air ducts themselves, but often with little success. It can be extremely difficult to gain access to the area of your air ducts that need to be cleaned the most. Our team utilizes cutting-edge industry technology to thoroughly clean the entire length of your air ducts.


Once a business has made the decision to have a commercial air duct cleaning, they tend to see strong results. Oftentimes after a duct cleaning, you’ll notice your heating and cooling bills going down. This is because by cleaning your ducts you have maximized the efficiency at which your HVAC system can run. Your HVAC system won’t have to work nearly as hard to provide the same powerful heating and cooling benefits as it did before. This amounts to lower energy consumption and reduced energy bills. Many business owners also notice fresher, more clean flowing through their business than before.

Consequentially, since your HVAC system is able to more efficiently heat and cool your business with less work, this improves the lifespan of your system. Regular air duct cleaning is an important part of HVAC maintenance. The reduced strain on your system often leads to much longer lifespans and less required maintenance than you would see without regular duct cleaning work.

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Our Clean-Duct Guarantee

At Capitol Duct Cleaning, we aim to give you the same level of customer service that we know you provide your customers and clients. We understand that no job is complete until you are completely satisfied with our commercial duct cleaning work. If you for whatever reason are not satisfied with the work we’ve done, please let us know and we will remedy the situation in a timely and effective manner. With Capitol Duct Cleaning in Olympia, you can rest easy knowing that you are going to get the comprehensive commercial duct cleaning services you paid for.

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What Can Commercial Duct Cleaning Remove From My Air Ducts?

Practically anything that winds up in your business’ ducts can be removed. Common materials that are removed from ductwork during commercial air duct cleaning include, but aren’t limited to:

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Dust Particles/Dust Mites

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Pet Dander

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Skin Dander

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And much more! Our cleaning methods are excellent for keeping HVAC systems clean, clear, and healthier than ever. With all these harmful materials removed, you’ll breathe easier (both metaphorically and literally!) and your clients and employees will enjoy fresher, cleaner air.


Our Commercial Duct Cleaning Service Areas

At Capitol Duct Cleaning in Olympia, we are proud to provide quality services to a wide service area. Our goal is to help people through quality, affordable duct cleaning. And having a large service areas helps us accomplish that goal! We operate throughout Thurston and Pierce counties and often work with businesses throughout the following cities:

  • Olympia

  • Lacey

  • Tumwater

  • Tacoma

  • Puyallup

  • Lakewood

  • Graham

  • And More

If you are unsure whether or not our team operates in the area your business is located in, please feel free to reach out to us. We’d be happy to help however we can!

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Have My Business’ Ducts Cleaned?

Each HVAC system has its own needs and factors that affect how often it may need to be cleaned. One aspect of our commercial air duct cleaning business that our clients love is that if we don’t think your HVAC system is in need of cleaning quite yet, we’ll let you know and won’t perform service if it isn’t necessary. As a general rule of thumb, though, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends that ducts be cleaned every three to five years.

How Long Does Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Take?

Service times can differ greatly since commercial properties are all so different. Some are large campuses that will take some time, while others are small facilities that won’t take much time at all. For an accurate time estimate for your commercial air duct cleaning, we recommend reaching out to a member of our team to see how long it would take.

How Do You Clean A Commercial HVAC System?

Commercial duct cleaning requires specials tools and knowledge on how to properly operate them. Our contractor uses a method known as Source Removal. Source Removal is where we essentially use a large, specialized vacuum with tremendous power to create negative pressure in your system. The vacuum sucks all the loose dirt, debris, and other contaminants out of your system while we use a different tool to free more stubborn debris from the interior surfaces.

How Can I Be Sure It Worked?

Ducts are tough to access, that’s why you call a professional after all. But how can you be sure they did their job properly? Any contractor worth their salt will bring along instruments and tools that enable you to see your air ducts both before and after commercial air duct cleaning services have been performed. That way you can be confident that you are paying for real, tangible results.

What Should I Be Aware of When Choosing An Air Duct Contractor?

There are a few things you should keep an eye out for when searching for a commercial air duct contractor. First and foremost, we recommend shopping around to figure out which contractor is going to best fit your needs and your budget. Once you’ve gathered a shortlist, we recommend choosing commercial duct cleaners that:

  • Are members in good standing with the NADCA

  • Have at least a few years of experience under their belt

  • Are licensed and insured

  • Provide thorough inspections of your entire HVAC system

  • Have numerous positive reviews, ratings, and testimonials both online and from family and friends

We also recommend keeping an eye out for flashy marketing scams and specials. Some commercial air duct cleaners will try to lure you in with “whole business specials” and other sales gimmicks. At Capitol Duct Cleaning in Olympia, you can expect straightforward service at a competitive price that includes all of the above qualities.

How Much Does Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Cost?

Since all businesses are different, it’s difficult to provide an accurate price range. Capitol Duct Cleaning recommends reaching out to us for a quote specific to your business so you can get a better, more detailed idea of what your price point will look like.

Capitol Duct Cleaning

When you choose our team for your commercial air duct cleaning needs, you can expect transparent, straightforward, no-nonsense work. We have been providing local businesses with quality duct cleaning services for years and are proud of the relationships that we have forged throughout the community. Our team would be happy to help you with your duct cleaning service. All you have to do is reach out to us by filling out the contact form below

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Adam at Capitol Duct Cleaning helped me out in a timely manner with the cleaning of my dryer vent and hose. He was very courteous and professional and did an excellent job! I will definitely not hesitate to contact him.again when I need any type of duct cleaning done! Thank you!

— Kim K.

Charles was great! He was very professional and down to earth and explained the process as he worked. Thanks!

— Michael K.

We are truly happy with our service. We had no idea what to expect. But can tell we are better off having this done! Not as much sneezing after 1 day!!!

— Pam E.

Incredibly impressed with the service by Chuck Who cleaned all of our ducts!! Polite, informative, professional, and outstanding job done all around. Highly recommend!

— Darci T.

I am amazed!!! This young man cleaned and explained everything as he went about his job!! I was quoted a price and that is what I paid. I saw pictures as he worked. He was efficient and did a great job! My home smells better and it is easier to breathe!! Good job!! I will call you when it is time to do it again!!! Thank you so much!

— Shirley M.