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Furnace Air duct cleaning is not something most homeowners or business owners think of very often, because after all, air ducts tend to be installed out of sight for the most part, and unless you happen to be looking for them, you generally won’t even notice they’re there. However, air ducts can have a huge impact on the efficiency of your heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, and they can also have a significant impact on indoor air quality throughout your home or place of business.
That’s why you should contact Capitol Duct Cleaning of Graham, WA, whenever you need an air duct cleaning service, or when you haven’t had your ductwork looked at in a while, and you realize it’s due for air duct cleaning and inspection. We can also provide related services such as hood vent cleaning, exhaust cleaning, and trash chute cleaning for our valued customers in the region around Graham, WA, Puyallup, Bonney Lake, Tacoma, Lakewood, and Orting. When it comes to cleaning out systems with ducts, chutes, or hoods, remember the most reliable name in the business, Capitol Duct Cleaning.

What can go wrong with furnace ducts?

An awful lot of things can go wrong with the furnace ducts in your home or business place while transporting conditioned air throughout the building. This is especially true if the ducts weren’t installed quite right, and stresses of the house have caused cracks or leaks to form anywhere along the ductwork. When this happens, it’s inevitable that some of the cooled or heated air will be lost into the open air, and that will cause your HVAC system to work much harder at keeping the establishment warmed or cooled. It also means you’ll be paying higher utility bills because the system has to work so much harder to keep conditioned air flowing.
Even without any leaks or mechanical difficulties, there can be some serious issues with your duct system. Virtually all ductwork will eventually become at least somewhat burdened by contaminants from the outside, especially when air filters are not being regularly serviced, or replaced on a set schedule. Once pollutants, debris, and allergens are inside the ducts, they get transported to every room in the house, where they will be breathed in by occupants of those rooms.
In a worst-case scenario, small animals have even been known to get trapped inside ductwork and expire, where they must simply await removal. Needless to say, all these possibilities can seriously degrade the indoor air quality for the home, and if there are any occupants who have respiratory issues, this can be a very harmful and possibly dangerous situation.

Contact Capitol Duct Cleaning

For peace of mind about the performance of your duct system, and about the indoor air quality which your home might have, you should make sure to keep your duct system clear of all debris, and in a secure, intact status which permits no leaks or breaches that can degrade circulation. At Capitol Duct Cleaning, we’ll be happy to inspect your duct system, and perform a thorough cleaning if necessary, to ensure that your duct system remains efficient and free of contaminants.

(If you ever come across one of these “blow-and-go” companies, report them to your local BBB in order to have something done about them.)