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Duct Cleaning Puyallup, WA

The air that you and your family are breathing in every day may include a great many pollutants, debris, and other particles which are re-circulating over and over throughout your home, simply because your ducts aren’t being cleaned on a regular basis. Air duct cleaning in Puyallup, WA is just as important as it is in the big cities, especially if anyone in your family has respiratory issues such as asthma or bronchitis. Cleaning the air filters on your furnace or air conditioner is a great idea for preventing the circulation of unwanted particles, and improving indoor air quality, but it won’t do much good if your air ducts are clogged with material.

Kinds of material found in air ducts

People don’t normally think about air ducts very much, since they’re basically out of view all the time, but the ductwork in your home or workplace can have a major impact on the indoor air quality of your residence or place of business. Over a period of time, mold and mildew can develop in ducts, along with dust mites, carpet fibers, pet hairs and dander, bacteria, and believe it or not, there is even the occasional dead rodent or bird which gets trapped in your air ducts. If this material is allowed to build up for any length of time, it can also tend to impede air circulation and decrease the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems.

How often ducts should be cleaned

You should conduct an air duct cleaning and inspection at least once every year, but there are situations which call for more frequent air duct cleaning service to be performed. For instance, if you’re moving into a new home and you don’t know when the ducts were cleaned last, you should have the ducts cleaned soon after your move-in. Any time you undertake a major remodeling or renovation in your home, ducts should be cleaned afterward, since they are quite likely to become bogged down with material from the re-work.
If you live in an area which has a great deal of dirt in the neighborhood and your children track it indoors frequently, you should probably have your ducts cleaned a couple times each year. Finally, if you have one or more pets in your family, this is another good reason to have your ducts cleaned twice or three times each year, since pet dander is a very common contributor to debris materials found in ductwork.

Why choose us?

Obviously, there are other services in South Hill Puyallup and around the region which you could choose to have your ducts cleaned. We hope you’ll choose Capitol Duct Cleaning because we have been providing this service to our friends and neighbors throughout the region for years now, and reviews of our work have been universally favorable. After inspecting your ductwork, our specialist can make a determination on whether cleaning is necessary, and can discuss the process with you. You can then expect the most reliable and professional work from our well-trained service person, and a thorough cleaning which will be performed quickly and efficiently.
We also provide other services to our Puyallup neighbors, such as hood vent cleaning and trash chute cleaning, to keep your home or business free of contaminants in all areas. When you need to be sure that the air you’re breathing is clean and free of debris, and that your home or workplace doesn’t have other unsanitary situations waiting to ambush you, it’s time to call in Capitol Duct Cleaning to give everything a good cleaning. We hope you’ll join our family of satisfied customers in Puyallup, WA.